Not Planning A Tropical Vacation To Key West

It seems that even if a person did not need to take a vacation, by the time they were done planning for it, the stress endured from sifting through websites, trying not to overpack, making plans for daily activities and hopefully making everyone happy – not to mention the experience at the airport and on the plane itself – would definitely make them ready for a little R&R. The last thing anyone wants to do before a vacation, especially one to a tropical island destination, is add more stress. That just means it will take that much longer to unwind, which is why smart tropical travelers take their destination vacations in Key West, the one vacation you almost do not have to plan for.

To be clear, they still plan how to get there and where to stay. Well, at least where to stay. Key West, Florida is the only Caribbean island you can drive to, so even if the travel plans are coming together last minute, there are still plenty of choices including a flight directly to the island, a drive down the scenic Overseas Highway or a high speed ferry ride from the southwest part of the state. And since it is in Florida, that means no last minute scramble to find where you put the passports.

Once they get there, it might seem like with all the different options to choose from they would be best served by making plans ahead of time. There are snorkeling charters to explore the barrier reef, museums featuring local and international artists, tours that explore everything from the architecture to the history to the hauntings, and over 300 Key West restaurants to choose from. Even the beaches all have such distinct personalities that first time visitors will be excused if they start worrying about which one they should visit first.

However, the southernmost savviest tourist takes a clue from the island natives, colorfully referred to as “Conchs”, and they spend their vacation on island time. The best way to enjoy a magnificent meal on an outdoor dining patio, indulging in fresh seafood such as lobster tail and stone crab claws, not to mention a piece of key lime pie to finish it off with, is to not be worried about where the schedule says to be next and when it says to be there.

The more technology advances, the more apps get developed for how to plan a vacation and the more stressed the process becomes. The true test at how good a person is at “unplanning” their tropical island vacation to Key West, Florida is by how long they can go without their smartphone or tablet. Everything is all right there to do, and it will still be there waiting for you whenever you are ready.

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