Grabbing One Last Week Of Summer In Key West

September may be the hardest time to sneak away for a little mini-vacation. Not only do the kids go back to school, it seems like a lot of companies never got rid of that mentality, and Labor Day means the end of flexible scheduling, casual Fridays and extended weekends. It is also the time most people want just one more taste of summer, a few more days to tide them over until next year. That is where Key West comes in handy.

Unlike other Caribbean islands, Key West, Florida does not require any special passports or travel visas in order to plan a vacation. Meaning if you decide on Thursday afternoon that you are going to wake up with a cold Friday morning and not be able to go into work, you can quickly book a flight that gets you directly to the island. Plan it well enough and you might even be able to sneak into one of the Key West restaurants in time for a leisurely lunch on an outdoor dining patio, feeling the trade winds blow away any touch of autumn that you might already be feeling.

Of course summer means more than just sitting on the patio enjoying fresh seafood. It also means lounging at the beach and enjoying the salt air. With beaches on almost every side of the island, Key West has that covered as well. There are white sand beaches that stretch on endlessly, perfect for finishing off the tan that will take you through the winter. There are shell covered beaches where people can find all sorts of natural souvenirs that the ocean has provided. There are even beaches lined with palm trees and other native species, perfect for hanging a hammock between and catching a few ZZZ’s.

For a lot of people, summer also means enjoying great cocktails and live music with friends. Key West is known for not only being a great party town with one of the largest numbers of bars per square mile, it is also home to world class musicians who perform live every night. With a rich musical heritage that goes back decades, it is also a draw for national recording artists who, just like you, are not quite ready for summer to end yet.

It may take a lot of skill, a little bit of cunning and some unexpected luck, but this might be the year you finally get to extend summer a little bit longer. Not by going to the same beach you have been visiting all summer, this time in long pants and a sweatshirt, but by booking your destination vacation to Key West, Florida. That one more weekend of beaches, palm trees and sunsets just might be enough to help you make it through the winter.

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