Key West: Planning A Fall Getaway Away From The Crowds

When people think about taking a long weekend during the autumn, typically it is to one of the Northeastern or Midwestern states where they can watch the leaves change colors. This is certainly a beautiful event, one everyone should experience once in their lives, but the fall is a great season to take a vacation that takes you in the opposite direction. Autumn is the perfect time for a quick getaway – either romantic or family – to Key West, Florida.

As hurricane season comes to a close, Key West and other tropical islands that are vacation destinations typically have the slowest times of the year. Kids are going back to school, and with that, all of the accompanying obligations for sporting events and club activities, making travel difficult. Plus, most people still remember the heat of the past summer and not the cold of the previous winter, so they are not as in tune with planning a tropical getaway as they will be once January rolls around. With less people going there, it makes it the perfect time to be there.

It means that when you want to sample the eclectic food that the island is known for, you will be able to walk into any of your favorite Key West restaurants without having to wait for a table. It means you will have plenty of time to enjoy the fresh seafood and key lime pie, and probably even have a few extra minutes for your server to give you the insider’s information on what the locals like to do.

It means that the water is still magnificently warm from the summer heat. Granted, it certainly never even gets as cold as what people in New England might call bearable, but it is far more pleasant to be snorkeling in the warm fall waters. It is additionally special because it means fewer people swimming in your way as you watch the parrot fish, spotted rays, sea turtles and other nautical wildlife swimming beneath you, just like it means fewer people on the beach when you are looking to spend a day relaxing under the sun, feeling the gentle kiss of the warm tropical breezes.

Finally, it means spending a few days where you can leave all of the worries behind. Key West is so easily accessible by plane, car or boat from so many parts of the country, it is possible to fit a full three day tropical island getaway into a long weekend. This fall, when all of the leaf peepers are heading north, turn south instead and spend a few days soaking up the sun and the fun that makes Key West, Florida America’s number one choice for a tropical vacation.

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