How To Ensure Wedding Day Bliss On A Tropical Island Called Key West

It would be so nice that if the minute someone told us to “Relax,” Lighten up,” or “Stop stressing,” we instantly could. If you could bottle that ability and sell it to brides-to-be, you could make a fortune. Unfortunately, human nature does not quite work that way, but thankfully, nature is always there to give us a helping hand. Planning a wedding is always going to be a stressful endeavor, but planning a tropical island destination wedding goes a long way towards taking the sting out of it.

Of course, to make sure that can happen you first have to start with choosing the right island destination. You are going to want someplace that is easy to get to with several different travel options, one that has enough hotel rooms and other accommodations to make sure all of your guests can find a place that is within their budget, and enough other non-wedding activities so you do not have to worry about Aunt Edna and Uncle Jerry hanging around with you right up until the wedding begins. You also want an island that hosts close to 10,000 weddings a year and has the industry that can handle that professionally. In short, you want Key West, Florida.

The dream island destination for more than 11 million vacationers every year can also be the perfect choice for your destination wedding. So many different aspects set it apart from choosing other Caribbean islands, but the most pressing one is the fact that, at its heart, Key West is a fully functioning city. That means that your wedding plans, your choice of activities, even the flowers that you carry or the cake that you cut, is not going to be predetermined by the resort you choose to stay at. Certainly many hotels and resorts on the island offer wedding packages for those couples who are just looking for a quick and easy no muss no fuss wedding, but by far, the majority of the couples who choose to get married in Key West do so on their own terms.

The secret to pulling it off is having a trained professional working in your corner. Hiring a wedding planner is the smartest thing any couple can do when planning a destination wedding. They will be your eyes and ears on the ground, making the arrangements, lining up the vendors and finalizing the schedule so that when your big day comes, the only thing you have to worry about is if you want your margarita frozen or on the rocks.

Weddings will always be stressful for the couple getting married, and although nothing will take all that stress away, the white sandy beaches and beautiful blue ocean of Key West, Florida will sure go a long way towards helping. Think of it as the planet’s way of saying “Relax.”

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