Making Your Fantasy Fest A Reality Retreat

The biggest week of the year by far in Key West, Florida is Fantasy Fest. Held the last week of October, this event has sprawled from a two-day party to a ten-day festival, culminating in an island-wide parade on the final Saturday of the month. Attracting more than 100,000 people, it also means that if a person does not plan ahead correctly, they could quickly find themselves shut out from making the most of their vacation. A few easy steps can help prevent that from happening.

The first decision to make is deciding how much of the festival you want to be part of. With multiple events happening every night, some sense of a game plan needs to be formulated, starting with what days you want to be there. For some people, it is not a true Fantasy Fest experience if they miss the parade, while for others, they want to be sure they do the events the Key West locals prefer. No two nights are the same, so just randomly selecting a few dates during the festival will not guarantee the experience you may be looking for.

Some people are smart enough to recognize that they will need a couple of days to recuperate after such an event and schedule their tropical island vacation to extend into the following week. Not only does this give them a chance to recharge after all the fun, it also lets them enjoy many of the other aspects that make Key West such a desirable destination vacation spot. They get to enjoy the Key West restaurants, spend time walking the streets and soaking up the history, or just lying on the beach and soaking up the sun.

Speaking of Key West restaurants, one of the first things a person should do if they are planning on staying through the parade night is find out which restaurants are on the route and offer the best viewing area. With so many people there, finding a spot on the sidewalk can be troublesome, and dealing with the crowds may make for a less than pleasant experience. Many restaurants line the route and offer special dining and drinking packages. This way not only can you watch the parade from the comfort of a second floor balcony, you can also enjoy the fresh seafood and amazing cooking that the island is known for.

There are certain things that people should experience at least once in their lives, and Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida is definitely one of them. To make the most of this experience means to start making your plans now. It is the signature event that demonstrates just how unique Key West is in comparison to everywhere else in the world.

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