Have a Summer Wedding In The Winter Months

Most brides dream of having a June wedding, when the weather is perfect and the days are as beautiful as the brides themselves. Of course, there are only so many Saturdays in June which makes scheduling difficult. Instead of trying to shoehorn a wedding in around a limited schedule, a better option is to have a destination wedding where every day throughout the winter feels like a late spring afternoon. The best place for that is Key West, Florida.

Key West is the number two overall choice for couples who are looking to have a destination wedding. Last year, more than 10,000 people said “I do” in the southernmost city, by far the most popular island for people having a tropical wedding. While the weather is almost always wonderful in Key West, it is during the winter when it truly is a magical place. Average temperatures hover between the 70’s and 80’s and the humidity, such a scourge in the rest of South Florida, is almost nonexistent. Just as importantly, the water temperatures are almost the same, making it the perfect time for wedding guests to enjoy their time in Key West by swimming, snorkeling, parasailing and so much more.

The amazing weather is just one of the many reasons people flock to Key West to have their wedding. Unlike other tropical islands, Key West is a fully functioning city, one of the more populated of the Caribbean islands. This means that couples do not have to settle for just one or two options when it comes to planning their ceremony and reception. There are several dozen different venues to choose from, ranging from white sandy beaches and historic old forts to lush private gardens and beautifully decorated homes. It is one of the few island destinations where people can even choose to marry in the church of their faith if they so desire.

Most people who know Key West know it from its reputation as a fun-loving party town, and the reception is the perfect way to let that legacy shine through. There are more than 300 Key West bars where a couple can choose to celebrate with their friends and family. No matter what type of event they are looking to have – black tie and formal or carefree and casual – or how large or small their guest list is, there are going to be several perfect options for them to choose from.

If you want to have a wedding in the perfect weather, do not struggle to find a few random hours in June to try and squeeze it in. Instead, start making plans today to have a tropical island destination wedding in the place where thousands of couples visit every year to make their dreams come true: Key West, Florida.

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