When The Destination Is The First Part Of The Journey – Key West

There are all kinds of adages about destinations and journeys – “Getting there is half the fun,” “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” and so on – but the biggest journey most people will take in their life is one they do together: being married. Lately, one of the most popular trends in this journey has been to start with a destination wedding. And one of the most popular destinations people are picking is Key West, Florida.

For the last several years, Key West has been the number one choice for couples looking to have a tropical island wedding. The reasons for this are pretty simple to understand. Since it is still part of the United States, it simplifies many aspects of the process. There is no need to apply for a marriage certificate from a foreign country, and nobody needs to worry about passports of visas to be part of the festivities. It has picture perfect weather year round. There are several dozen locations to choose from for both the ceremony and reception, and it is already well known internationally as a great place to have a party.

Another old saying is that success begets success, and that is definitely true down here. The biggest challenge in arranging a destination wedding is not being able to be there for most of the planning. Usually people having an island wedding are at the mercy of a single wedding planner associated with the resort they are staying at. This is not an issue in Key West. First of all, there more than a hundred choices when it comes to where people can stay, from five star ocean front resorts to funky bed and breakfasts scattered through the historic downtown area. This means that the couple can interview different wedding planners and hire the one they think fits their needs best.

Just like they have options when it comes to wedding planners, they can also choose from a variety of beauty salons, Key West restaurants, entertainment, florists, caterers and whatever else they might need to make their dream come true. Speaking of need, one hidden asset is the overseas highway that connects the island with mainland Florida. This means that if something is needed at the last minute, it can be down in Key West within a matter of hours. Having that safety net relieves a lot of the stress that comes from a destination wedding.

Marriage is a one of the greatest journeys people can take in their life, and there is no real destination to it, just the opportunity to spend time together. To make sure that journey starts off wonderfully, it is a great idea to have a destination wedding to begin from.

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